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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New blog


I've updated with a few pictures as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm so behind

My work computer hates me. It is not allowing me to post any blogs with pictures etc. and just when i was getting started!

If anyone has an idea of a different blog I can use please give me a heads up. I mean we've got a 3 month old son now and I haven't been able to share him yet!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's doctor visit

35w1d. Doctor appointment was this morning and so far she's not dilated any. I wasn't expecting her to be. Not sure if she is frustrated, but I know at the moment she is feeling quite miserable. The tempature here has been terrible. She is not usually one to complain, get overly hot or sweat near like I do but with the head index raising the outside air to 115 degrees..needless to say she's not happy. Not much longer left and it will all be over. That is what I keep telling her, just remember how long you wanted to experience being pregnant and having a child and do your best to take it all in because when you have him you will want him back inside you. At least that's how I felt with my daughter when I had her.

Speaking of, at the moment she is in a program that started in July and will finish in December of this year. She is currently 2 hours away from me. It is run by the National Guard and I've had a few friends that attended it and came out of there totally different not to mention graduated. C has struggled in school for years and has already been held back twice now. The last year we've had trouble with her and boys, and let's just say long story short...going to a military school for 5 months was something she needed and something she really wanted to do. They wouldn't even interview her if she didn't want to attend on her own. When she found out she was accepted she yelled and ran around the house screaming. She knows that with her turning 17 soon that she's got to start changing things in her life and get on the right path. Thankfully she's caught on to this before it is too late.

The first two weeks were the hardest. Basically they are treated like they are in bootcamp and I had no contact with her. No contact...with my daughter...for two weeks. UGH Miserable isn't putting it nicely. Thankfully she made it threw that with flying colors. She was hand picked to try out for color guard and I just found out this past Sunday she made it. She's really proud of herself as she should be. Her goal she set for herself was to not ask to come home. I know it's hard for her. She's really homesick and with them only having one ten minute phone call on Sunday's it makes it that much harder. I've tried to write her and send her fun little letters daily at least so she will have that coming in, but when she hears me answer on Sunday she always breaks down and cries. The two calls we have got she has apologized to D and I for her actions. THAT was something I was not expecting much less so soon. Literally in tears about how she can't believe her actions expecially knowing she has a brother on the way. What have they done with my daughter?! I'll tell you what...they have finally started chipping away the bad and showing her what D and I have been telling her for years...there is such a beautiful and wonderful person in there but she had to find it for herself.

She is now getting there. Thankfully.

I love my family. I really love my family.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

35 Days, 35 weeks

Holy cow, that's all that we have left before Cade is due.
I've started on "this" blog late. I have another blog that I've been using but decided I'd try this out as well and see how I like it and how it goes.

For now, let me try to catch up to speed to how we got here. I met Danielle on Myspace years ago. She lived in Tampa and I was living in Baton Rouge. We spoke only as friends through emails and chats. I was seeing someone at the time and was a full time mom to my daughter (who is now 16) and she was seeing someone as well.

Cue Hurricane Katrina. I was in the grocery trying to pick up a few last minute things my daughter and I would need to try to make it through what was going to be pretty terrible. My phone rang and it was Danielle. The first time I had ever heard her voice. She was calling to check on us and I'm pretty sure right then and there I knew everything was going to change, and it did.

We both broke up with our other halves for our own reasons, not having anything to do with each other. I found the guts somehow to tease her when she told me her and her g/f had split to say "Oh, well i guess that means you can finally come see me now" We decided to make that happen and she booked a flight here for a few weekends away. We would speak from the time we woke until the time we got to bed via computer, texts and phone calls. My daughter and her got to know each other through web cam and my little one pretty much couldn't wait for her to come either.

The weekend before she was set to fly here we were chatting while both at work on a Friday afternoon. She asked how spontaneous I was. I told her that given my little one...it was kinda hard. Come to find out, she got in her car and drove almost 11 hours because she couldn't wait to see me.

Here we are almost 6 years later, raising my daughter together in our home that we got almost 2 years ago. And here we are about to add a fourth to our little family..our son who is due on September 15th.

Baby makes four...