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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm so behind

My work computer hates me. It is not allowing me to post any blogs with pictures etc. and just when i was getting started!

If anyone has an idea of a different blog I can use please give me a heads up. I mean we've got a 3 month old son now and I haven't been able to share him yet!


  1. Just stumbled upon your little blog and can't wait to hear more! My wife is 14 weeks pregnant with our first, so we are at the beginning of this road :) Thanks for sharing!

    (ps, I post pics on my blog either on the pc or from my iPhone with the app - good luck!)

  2. Have you can iPhone... It is easier to post photos through there I find .... Xx

  3. I've moved to dearestloves.wordpress.com for the time being :)