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Thursday, August 11, 2011

35 Days, 35 weeks

Holy cow, that's all that we have left before Cade is due.
I've started on "this" blog late. I have another blog that I've been using but decided I'd try this out as well and see how I like it and how it goes.

For now, let me try to catch up to speed to how we got here. I met Danielle on Myspace years ago. She lived in Tampa and I was living in Baton Rouge. We spoke only as friends through emails and chats. I was seeing someone at the time and was a full time mom to my daughter (who is now 16) and she was seeing someone as well.

Cue Hurricane Katrina. I was in the grocery trying to pick up a few last minute things my daughter and I would need to try to make it through what was going to be pretty terrible. My phone rang and it was Danielle. The first time I had ever heard her voice. She was calling to check on us and I'm pretty sure right then and there I knew everything was going to change, and it did.

We both broke up with our other halves for our own reasons, not having anything to do with each other. I found the guts somehow to tease her when she told me her and her g/f had split to say "Oh, well i guess that means you can finally come see me now" We decided to make that happen and she booked a flight here for a few weekends away. We would speak from the time we woke until the time we got to bed via computer, texts and phone calls. My daughter and her got to know each other through web cam and my little one pretty much couldn't wait for her to come either.

The weekend before she was set to fly here we were chatting while both at work on a Friday afternoon. She asked how spontaneous I was. I told her that given my little one...it was kinda hard. Come to find out, she got in her car and drove almost 11 hours because she couldn't wait to see me.

Here we are almost 6 years later, raising my daughter together in our home that we got almost 2 years ago. And here we are about to add a fourth to our little family..our son who is due on September 15th.

Baby makes four...


  1. what a story :) congratulations!


  2. That's a great story!

    Best of luck for the end of the pregnancy. I agree with your advice of enjoying being pregnant! Our twins are only 12 weeks old but I miss being pregnant! Despite missing my big belly, IF a 3rd child is in our future, it won't be for a while!


  3. Thank you! Ashleigh I've followed along on your journey in the background. I've moved for the moment to dearestloves.wordpress.com until I can figure out what to do. I've updated there with a few pictures.